Another New PBS Game

PBS just launched another game that we programmed here at Try Catch Games!  You can check it out here:

Moonlight Lament – Strike a pose!

I realized I haven’t even posted anything about our upcoming multiplayer dungeon crawler Moonlight Lament.  How terrible!  Here is a bit of a posed shot with a few of the Moonlight Lament team in-game just hanging around.  Moonlight Lament will be in the same vein as Gauntlet.  Good ol’ fashion hack n’ slash action with strangers and friends alike.  Included will be a level editor and tile sets where you can make your own levels or edit with other.  When you’re done you can submit the map for the world to play, rate, and get high scores on.  Lots of fun to be had by all!

More details to follow…


New PBS Game

We just got done with a new game for PBS.  You can check it out here:  We had a great time on this project and we are really happy with the result.


Snowball Pinball

We have just released our first collaborative game with Pixel Jam called Snowball.  Check it out here.  It’s a fantastic Pinball game that is equally fun and artfully made.  Try Catch handled a majority of the programming while Pixel Jam did everything else.  We love working with Pixel Jam and you can expect more collaborations between us in the future.


Who is Nate Pacyga?

Hey everyone, I’m Nate Pacyga and I run things here at Try Catch Games.  We have been around since September of 2008 (we had an old site but I nuked it and started over) and it’s been interesting to see how things have changed, what we have learned, and where we are going.  All of us at Try Catch Games hope to be more active on the blog, posting everything from code and prototypes to opinions.

Personally, I have been doing freelance Flash / Flex work for over 9 years, but it has always been my dream to run an indie video game company making games that we want to make.  In turn, I hope that people enjoy them so we can continue to pump out the hits.

Thanks for stopping by! You should expect some great games coming from us very soon…


Try Catch Games at FGS

Try Catch Games will be at Flash Game Summit this weekend Sunday March 4th. Like every year, it will be a fantastic event filled with great speakers and rubbing elbows with the who’s who of the Flash game creation world. I have met lots of great friends at this event and I am arguably the most excited for this one! If you’re going to be there, post a comment.



Introducing Try Catch Games!

We’re an indie games company dedicated to making original, fun, high-quality games. We’ve got some really cool projects in the works, so check back soon!

Much more to come!